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I had been looking into buying a new steadicam rig that could hold a heavier camera. I had gone over to Allan Gordon's on Melrose and that's were I first got to try the Glidecam Gold series. What I could feel right out of the gate was how sturdy and smooth the gimbel felt, also how easy it was to adjust not having to reach for my allen wrenches. I knew I didn't want a carbon post either, I heard of them splitting so aluminum was the obvious choice.

I was extremely impressed with the arm, I kept thinking it feels so floppy, everything's just moving and wiggling. That's when it came to me that it was absorbing and compensating for even my slightest movements.

The rig I was trying was set up for the NP1 batteries, I was pretty bent on having one that could fly Anton Bauers, for the reason if things go wrong on the road chances are you can find Antons easier. The folks at Glidecam set me up with a NP1 style sled to use until the Anton one was ready. They also re-wired a second video feed. Since I mostly do multiple-camera events, this allows me to stack two monitors (one cam feed, the other program).

I can honestly say I've been putting the rig through the wringer since 2002 and it has never failed me. I have put the Glidecam Gold system though a lot of challenges such as extreme weather, hot beaches and deserts. You can pay a heck of a lot more money for different brands (of which I also happen to own), but I honestly say my Glidecam Gold Series is a precision designed work horse that has never let me down, that's key when doing live or live to tape television.

Keep up the good work,
Greg Acosta

Greg Acosta has worked on all the shows listed below with his Glidecam Gold system.

Hit Me Baby One More Time, Dancing with the Stars, Fame, American Idol, But Can They Sing?, Rock Star, Jimmy Kimmel Live, NFL Network & NFL on Fox, Dr. Phil, Americas Most Talented Kids, Test the Nation #2, Guinness World Records Primetime, The band Kiss at Dodger Stadium, The Roseanne Show at the Apollo Theater, CMT Cross Roads John Fogarty & Keith Urban, Soul Train Awards, Spike Video Game Awards, 47th Grammy Awards arrivals, Lets Make A Deal, B.E.T. Celebration of Gospel, Dance 360, Star Search, Twenty One, Home For The Holidays, Playboys 50th Anniversary Celebration, Teen Choice Awards, Essence Awards, Academy Of Country Music, Live Survivor Finally (Pearl Island, Africa & Australia), G-PHORIA, VH1 Race TO Erase M.S., MTV Duran Duran concert, MTV Cribs 

World Class Camera Stabilizers