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To Whom It May Concern:

Shooting Domino One was a roller-coaster ride. Simply put, the film is an attempt to tell a sweeping fast-paced story with Hollywood-level production value using the budget and crew of an ultra-independent experimental video. As director and director of photography, one of my main challenges was therefore avoiding the handheld look often associated with low-budget DV projects in favor of a more classic and composed visual approach. I could never have achieved this more expensive and textured look without Glidecam.

We used two Glidecam products extensively, the GLIDECAM V-8 stabilizer and the GLIDECAM CAMCRANE 100 mini-crane. Together these tools allowed us the freedom of creating complicated tracking and crane shots with minimal crew (sometimes one person alone) in record time. Although we had no training whatsoever with the GLIDECAM V-8 or any other steadicam system, we were able to balance and set up the system quickly with both a Sony VX-1000 and a Canon XL-1 and get all our shots done, even in the most difficult and nerve-racking situations. The system allowed us to approximate tripod shots, dolly-type tracking shots, and completely free-flowing character motivated tracking shots that covered long distances and allowed for improvisation. With a monitor attached to the base, the V-8 was straightforward to operate and versatile enough for us to leave other camera support systems behind and save time. Also, the system was light enough for the operator to keep on for hours at a time!

The CAMCRANE 100 was a real bonus to the film. A motivated crane shot always looks fabulous and truly takes a project to another level. We used it for key moments and establishing shots in the film and it really brought that extra bit of production-value to the locations we used. It is truly the only system on the market that will give you one 100 percent professional-looking crane shots for a few hundred dollars. Most importantly though, it is completely lightweight and portable: Working with minimal crew, that was the only way we were even able to think about using crane shots in some of our locations.

GLIDECAM played an essential part in the production of Domino One. I look forward to working with them in the future.

Nick Louvel

Mythology Films
115 Central Park West #18C
New York, NY 10023 

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