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September 27, 1996

Dear Glidecam,

Greetings from Madagascar, a remote and exotic land, but not so remote anymore, now that we have an internet link here. Pretty amazing! Sorry I didn't get a chance to write before leaving, but things were quite hectic, as you can imagine.

I've used the Glidecam V-16 on several occasions now - from shooting teens on the streets of New York City to following lemurs through the dense forest of western Madagascar, and I must say, it is a terrific piece of equipment. I am the sort of DP who loves to get those impossible kinds of shots. For years, I dreamed of owning a Steadicam, but the cost was prohibitive. And since I make documentaries, my budgets rarely have the room to rent such specialized production equipment. Still, like many DPs, I have searched for ways to bring that feeling of fluid motion into my shots. With the Glidecam V-16 my search is over. The beauty of the V-16 is that, with a little practice, it truly produces steadicam-like results at a fraction of the cost. And while I used to have to figure out exactly on which shooting days I could afford a precious Steadicam rental, now that I own the V-16, I can have it on hand all the time and can put it to use whenever the shot calls for it. That is a great feeling of freedom.

Don't get me wrong. I think that a Steadicam in well trained hands is a truly impressive piece of equipment. But if your goal was to produce a stabilization system "for the rest of us" who cannot afford the beauty of Steadicam, than you have clearly succeeded. While the set up time is a little longer than a Steadicam Video SK, I found the learning curve to be the same and the results to be virtually indistinguishable. Thank you for making a piece of equipment that offers a real solution to independent filmakers. With the V-16 I can finally get those impossible shots. It is a great addition to my kit!

Sincerely, (from the first Glidecam Operator in Madagascar)
Andrew Young

Andrew Young is a cinematographer/director of independent documentaries with a long list of credits. He is a two-time winner of the Sundance Film Festival Cinematography Award and his films have also received an Oscar-nomination, a DGA award nomination, plus the Grand Jury Prize and the Filmakers Trophy at Sundance, as well as top prizes at many international festivals. His films have been released theatrically, as well as broadcast on NBC-TV, Cinemax, National Geographic Explorer (TBS), Discovery Channel, and PBS. 

World Class Camera Stabilizers