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Videoscenes Productions

Glidecam Industries
Camelot Industrial Park
130 Camelot Drive, Bldg. #4
Plymouth, MA 02360

Dear Glidecam:

I just recieved the V-8 from you, and I would like to take the time to say that I was impressed at the quality construction and high-tech look of your product. It is evident just by looking at the V-8 that you took alot of time designing it for comfort and agility, as well as for unsurpassed quality. I was impressed that in todays age of disposable products made of cheap plastic and rubber...your product is made of quality aluminum and steel. The only plastic that I can see is on the buckles and those seem rough and tough! The Glidecam V-8 truly seems "bullet-proof" and apparently is capable of years of service. I have used other "wanna-be" Camera stabilization products, that were of poor design, and poor quality. So it was a pleasure to unpack the V-8, and see the apparently well thought out design and quality materials! I will be taking one of your classes soon, so that I can maximize my use of your product.

Thanks again!
Dave Torres
Videoscenes Productions 

World Class Camera Stabilizers