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Videoscenes Productions

Glidecam Industries
Camelot Industrial Park
130 Camelot Drive, Bldg. #4
Plymouth, MA 02360

Dear Glidecam:

I don't expect you to remember me, but I purchased a Glidecam V-8 about two years ago. Upon receiving your product, I was so impressed, that I wrote you a letter describing my pleasant experience. You may recall the letter from Videoscenes Productions.

As I mentioned, it has been two years now. I thought that your readers and potential customers might appreciate an update on the product from a working videographer.

After two years, my opinion of your product has not changed. The Glidecam V-8 is an outstanding product and built to last. My V-8 has been through the "War" and has survived with only a few cosmetic blemishes. The unit remains strong and durable. Not even a screw or spring has broken! I have put 8 pound camcorders on it, as well as, 3 pound camcorders. Adjusted and readjusted the spring tension, and the balance. It has survived all the abuse and bruises I could muster!

I recently shot a "Christian Fest" event, and I brought my V-8 with me. The professional look and feel of the V-8 draws attention and admiration. My Pastor watched in disbelief as the camera seemed to effortlessly "glide and float" past crowds and dancers, giving the shot an almost surreal effect.

I would consider myself an experienced user, at this point. I must say that balancing the V-8 is a simple process, and requires very little time. Once you know your camera and how it balances on the V-8, it is a simple matter to rebalance in real-time, on location. If I add a battery pack, or a wide angle lens, I find that I can balance "on the fly" using the supplied hex tool. Usually, only a minor "tweak" is required!

I highly recommend the V-8 to fellow videographers looking for that "special" shot or appearance to their videos! It is dollar for dollar the easiest and most durable camera stabilization platform on the market! I will not hesitate to upgrade or replace my V-8 should the need ever arise!

Anyway, you guys take care and God Bless.

Dave Torres
Videoscenes Productions
Miami, FL 

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