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Brian Mackenzie

I had originally approached Glidecam when I was discussing the technique I developed by riding a unicycle while I filmed, which eliminated the bounce during mobile shots, but had limitations that I was sure their equipment would remedy. I basically said 'here's what I can already do, your equipment would allow me to do things that I cannot even yet imagine.

My original point of contact was Tom Howie who was immediately interested in what I could do, and we discussed the proper equipment I would need, which ended up being the Smoothshooter, 4000 Pro, L7 Monitor, and Low Mode Adapter. I soon received the equipment and began experimenting with my new gear and what I could do with it.

Almost instantly, a whole new world of possibilities was opened to me as I continued to experiment with the equipment. While wearing the Glidecam equipment while I rode my unicycle, I was able to ride through the streets of Times Square, zig-zagging at 15 MPH between heavy traffic while filming another unicycle rider in what I can't imagine could be duplicated in any other way. If this sounds crazy, check out the video here:

Since my unicycling endeavors, the majority of my filming work is in wedding videos. I could not imagine filming a wedding without the Glidecam. I use the 4000 Pro during the Bride/Groom Prep, pro/recessional, and filming around the bride as she gets to the church, and gliding around the hugging and handshaking as the couple leaves the church. There is no way I could get the shots I am getting if I was trapped at the front of the church with a tripod/dolly combo. I put on my smoothshooter during the photoshoots and reception where I have to support the weight of the camera/4000 for longer periods of time.

Fast forward two years of email communications back and forther between myself and Glidecam, during which time I would send them excited messages about the major unicycle crashes their equipement has gone through and that I simply cannot destroy their gear; something I cannot say about any other camera equipment I have owned. Glidecam had me represent their equipment at NAB 2009, an honour I was thrilled to fulfill.

During my time at NAB 2009, I was able to help potential users try on the gear, give them tips on how to operate the equipement, and let them imagine the possibilites as I told them of my unicycle-glidecam exploits. This was the first time I had met Tom and David face to face, and I have to tell you they are the nicest people I have met. They were great to talk to, and I could tell they were excited to hear about any new ideas about how their equipment could be used; and I have a very vivid imagination! I found it great that they seemed as excited to meet me as I was to finally meet them.

What I also noticed while I was at the show is the passion they have for their gear, the amount of work they have put into it over the years, continually updating their gear as technology advances. The HD 4000 I was working with is leaps and bounds above my 4000 Pro, which I still love....but boy do I want to get HD 4000 in my aresenol! I noticed that Tom and David would spend as much time on everyone who came to the booth while treating them as they were the most important person at the show whether they were looking at a simple Arm Brace, or if they were looking at the top of the line Gold Series equipment.

I have loved my Glidecam gear since day one, and getting a chance to meet the people who have made it all possible was an incredible experience. I only got a chance to work with them for four days, but I consider Tom and David friends, as would anyone who is lucky enough to get a chance to work with them. My respect for Glidecam has just increased ten fold, and it was already extremely high to begin with.

Brian MacKenzie
Glidecam User For Life 

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