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Dear Glidecam,

I recently purchased a Glidecam 4000Pro stabiliser for a shoot last week. the package was delivered within 48hours through my dealer in Montreal and within a day or so I had pretty well gotten used to it.

The camera I used was the XL1 (with the L4-Pro monitor for viewing purposes). I found the whole arrangement very heavy indeed though this was MORE than helped by the armbrace which is in my opinion an absolute must with a camera as heavy as the XL1.

Less than a week after I first tried it out I went on a shoot and the whole ensemble was extensively used.

I have therefore the following comments that I would like to bring to your attention:

(1) Despite the weight of the above combination the quality of the "glide" achieved with this arrangement was SUPERB - at times looking as good as glides I had achieved using a Steadicam SK system several years ago.

(2) The capability of being able to go through very small openings as well as traverse tight spaces was not a sales feature that I had been aware of, but it is a huge bonus as there are no other "arms or vests" except mine to get in the way.

(3) The system requires that the user be in shape (certainly arms, shoulders and lower back) and when I got tired so did the quality of the "glide". This is not a negative because this form of stabiliser does not come with a supporting arm and therefore does not pretend to offer these kind of features.

(4) The whole package fitted into a small carry-on bag that could be carried and assembled anywhere VERY quickly.

In short, congratulations, I am delighted with it and if anything it has given me a taste for the bigger ones!

Neil Oakshott

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