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Dear Glidecam,

I purchased the Glidecam 4000 for use with my DV Sony PD 150 on an outdoor adventure reality series called “No Boundaries” for Warner Brothers. Although we were mainly shooting beta sp, there were times when long endurance hikes called for a lighter camera. Along with a forearm brace, I found that I could manoeuvre the Glidecam over extremely rough terrain while holding very solid tracking shots. The system that worked best, especially on narrow trails was turning the camera backwards so it was shooting over my shoulder, flipping the lcd screen and actually being able to see where I was going while the contestants on the show struggled up the mountain behind me. One shot that worked out really well was when the contestants reached the summit, in celebration they all came together in a circle arm in arm and started chanting. I ran around them and got a perfect circling shot. There’s no way you could have had a full size steadicam up there and with the Glidecam 4000, the weight was manageable and we still got amazing production value on the top of a mountain range.

Since then, my Glidecam has been invaluable on every DV shoot I’ve done. What I’ve found in most cases when producers are shooting DV is that they don’t have a budget for dollies and grips, so this is the most effective way to add motion to my footage. Even throwing in 1 or 2 Glidecam shots makes the director very happy and because this is such an affordable tool, keeps the producer happy as well. I highly recommend that anyone who takes their DV production seriously purchase a Glidecam 4000, it cost less than my tripod and I use it more often.

Mark Edwards

G. Mark Edwards Cinematography Inc.
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