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Central State Productions

Glidecam Industries
Camelot Industrial Park
130 Camelot Drive, Bldg. #4
Plymouth, MA 02360

June 1, 2002

Dear Glidecam,

"As a Documentarist I need to be unobtrusive as possible." I have always shot either with a shoulder stabilizer or on sticks. But with two Musically oriented Docs. in front of me I decided to purchase the Glidecam 2000 with The Bodypod. I'm mounting a Canon GL-1 on your stabilizer and have so far received superior results than anything I have ever mounted on my shoulder. I have been on-stage and in Recording Artist's faces with this rig and with the Bodypod I can last allot longer running around than without it. As with any rig you need to practice but once you have a few hours in on the 2000 Pro you will see for yourself the results which are a genuinely smooth action and flowing motion. The traditional on the shoulder Interview is now out the window with me as I can utilize this rig for just about any shot I can think up because of my new-found mobility. Speaking of I also mount a Citizen 3.5 inch LCD Monitor on the bottom base and I also mount a Varizoom Stealth on the post of the Bodypod for more Lens Control.

At this point I couldn't be happier!

Thanks Glidecam...

John Vizzusi, Filmmaker
Central State Productions
Orlando Florida USA 

World Class Camera Stabilizers