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Camelot Industrial Park
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Plymouth, MA 02360

June 13, 1996

Dear Glidecam,

I wanted to write you this letter to express my satisfaction with the Glidecam 3000 PRO, which I purchased in the fall of 1995, from Abes of Maine. I own and operate a small video production company dealing mostly with weddings but dabbling a little in all other kinds of video.

Since I purchased the 3000 PRO, my videos have improved greatly. I use it at each wedding for a "fly-by" shot of the food table at the reception. In the past, I used several static shots of the table, but the flying shots are much more impressive and interesting to watch. I also use it to follow the bride and groom as they are running to the car. The only bad part is cleaning the birdseed out of the camera afterwards.

Chris Jenkins, Owner 

World Class Camera Stabilizers