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18th July 1997

Dear Glidecam,

I own a video production company in Montreal, Canada. I love dynamism in shots and though the tripod provides the basics, people really take notice when they see dynamic tracking, crane or steadicam style movements. I have used cranes on many occasions but find that hiring a portable crane is both costly, time-consuming and awkward. And anyway, why rent when you can own.

So, 12 Months ago I decided to purchase a Camcrane 100 to use with my BetacamSP camcorder. Initially I was dubious of 2 features. Firstly, the price differential between the Camcrane and the competition, and secondly, the apparently simple design. However, as soon as I used the crane on the first shoot, I knew that I had made an intelligent choice.

There is something special about thiws crane. It cost's hundreds, not thousands of dollars. It is truly 'portable', lightweight and versatile and after a year of intensive use, has only a few minor scratches. If necessary, it can be fully set-up and operaqted by just one person! (I once hired a mini-jib that took thre men to move). Every client, without exception, has commented on the quality of the crane, and all have been impressed by the quality of the results.

Having used a variety of commercialy available portable/mini cranes on shoots in North America and Europe, I can assure you that none have provided the range of movement it does, none of them are as lightweight and portable, none of them fit into a standard medium-range proffesional tripod mount, and none of them cost so little. It actually paid for itself on the first shoot. I love it!

But this is just the beginning. I intend to purchase a V16 camera stabilizer very soon.

Congratulations once again,

Neil Oakshott

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World Class Camera Stabilizers