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Correira DLR Bracket

Correira DLR Bracket

Pictured above is the Glidecam Correira DLR Bracket.


Glidecam Correira DLR Bracket

The GLIDECAM CORREIRA DLR BRACKET is a camera lens, support rod, mounting bracket system designed to allow the operator to quickly attach and position various external lens motors and accessories.

The CORREIRA DLR BRACKET utilizes a unique Dynamic Lens Rod (DLR) system which, unlike static lens rods, allows for an almost infinite amount of adjustment.

Created by a Glidecam operator, for use with specific Glidecam systems, this bracket is quite likely the only support rod, mounting bracket system you will ever need. With the CORREIRA DLR BRACKET there is no need to purchase individual camera lens motor mounting brackets.


Lets the operator mount multiple lens focus motors, iris motors, light weight matte boxes and other accessories that utilize lens rods.

Example of motors: Heden, M-One, Preston, etc.

Mount any motor 360 degrees around any ENG style or prime lenses with speed and ease.

The Glidecam Correira DLR Bracket can be mounted either on top or below the Glidecam Gold Series or Glidecam X-45 dovetail Camera Mounting Plate which allows motors to stay with lens and camera while operator balances the camera on the sled.

The included 15mm Rods, which come in 4" and 6" lengths, have an interlocking system to lock the rods in place so the rods will not spin when used with high torque motors.

The Rods can move and be mounted within the slotted track to easily position the motor for precise alignment with the lens gears.

Also, use the Glidecam Correira DLR Bracket to mount lightweight matte boxes and accessories that utilize rod systems to your Glidecam Sled, and/or mount wireless motor receivers under your lens.


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