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World Class Camera Stabilizers
Award-winning products

Glidecam Gold Arm

Gold Arm

Glidecam Gold Series Arm


The Glidecam Gold Arm™ incorporates sophisticated engineering and precision machining to make it lightweight and strong.

Six Titanium springs allow the Gold Arm to handle a camera load of 13 to 40 pounds. Its combined camera and sled carrying capacity ranges from 31 to 56 pounds.

For added strength and durability our vest connectors are made of Titanium. The arm to vest socket pin connector is also made of Titanium.

With the purchase of a Glidecam Gold Arm we include a Lifetime Replacement Warranty on the original set of Titanium springs.

Gold Arm Post

Glidecam Gold Series Arm Post

Gold Arm Elbow Hinge

Glidecam Gold Series Arm Elbow Hinge

Gold Arm Scale

Glidecam Gold Series Arm Adjustment Scale

Made in USA.


Buy with confidence. Glidecam Industries Inc. has been in business for 26 years and is famous in our industry for having the best in Customer Service.


World Class Camera Stabilizers