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Glidecam StuntBar

Glidecam StuntBar shown in Low Mode


Glidecam StuntBar shown in Shoulder Mode

Glidecam StuntBar shown in High Mode

The Glidecam StuntBar is the ultimate handheld performance accessory for shooting on the move with your video camcorder. The Glidecam StuntBar can quickly be positioned to varied lengths and is great for shooting in Low mode, High mode and Shoulder mode positions. Equipped with a comfortable cushioned grip with a "raincoat" cover inside the handle. The Glidecam StuntBar can handle cameras up to 7 lbs. The Glidecam StuntBar's light weight versatile design and construction make it the ULTIMATE stunt camcorder accessory.

Glidecam StuntBar configured with Handycam

Glidecam StuntBar confingured with Canon GL-1

Glidecam StuntBar confingured with Canon XL-1

Made in USA.


Buy with confidence. Glidecam Industries Inc. has been in business for 25 years and is famous in our industry for having the best in Customer Service.


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