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World Class Camera Stabilizers

V-16 and V-20 Accessories

Glidecam V-16 and V-20 Accessories


The optional Glidecam V-16 and Glidecam V-20 Accessories are designed to allow you to capture the type of dynamic and creative shots that are due to extreme compositional shot requirements, or unusual camera placements such as those where the camera is low near the ground, up high above your head, or attached to a moving platform or vehicle. With the Glidecam V-16 and Glidecam V-20 Accessories, getting those ever so dynamic shots that you have been dreaming of is now within your reach

1. This photograph shows the Low Mode Accesories in use. A 16mm film camera is shown mounted inside the Low Mode Camera Mount, the Vista Post is attached to the central support post, and the curved gombal handle is connected to the Sled Offset Adapter.

2. THE LOW MODE CAMERA MOUNT can be expanded and contracted both verticaly and horizontaly allowing a wide range of cameras to mount inside.

3. THE SLED OFFSET ADAPTER allows the curved gimbal handle to attach lower on the endnof the dyna-elastic arm. This allows the sled to be lower than normal when shooting in the Low Mode configuration, and it also allows the gimbal tube to be attached upside down, both which are needed for reasons of clearance. The Sled Offset Adapter can also be used to lower the sled height when you are not shooting in the Low Mode configuration.

Glidecam V-16 and V-20 Low Mode Cage

Glidecam V-16 and V-20 Offset Adapter

4. The Vista Post is 33" tall and allows the central support post to be expanded to a maximum of approximatly 5 feet in length. this expanded post length allows for very low or high camera placement.

5. The VEHICLE MOUNT allows you to mount th Dyna-Elastic arm to various vehicles or platforms.

Glidecam V-16 and V-20 Vista Post

Glidecam V-16 and V-20 Vehicle Mount

Glidecam V-16 and V-20 Vehicle Mount

Made in USA.


Buy with confidence. Glidecam Industries Inc. has been in business for 26 years and is famous in our industry for having the best in Customer Service.


World Class Camera Stabilizers