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World Class Camera Stabilizers

Glidecam V-25 Arm

V-25 Arm

Glidecam V-25 Arm

V-25 Arm

Glidecam V-25 Arm


The GLIDECAM V-25 Dyna-Elastic™ Support Arm employs Six Titanium Extension Springs within its machined, hardcoat anodized, Exo-Skeletal Shell. Utilizing internal pulleys and high-strand cables, the energy of the Titanium Springs provides the Support Arm with its lifting power. The spring tension is field adjustable and allows for varying camera weights. The Support Arm can carry a total combined camera and sled weight from 25 to 40 pounds. Numerous rigid, internal support structures strategically positioned within the Support Arm greatly reduce the effects of external torsional forces. This feature greatly enhances the arm’s ability to resist twisting even while under a full load.

The GLIDECAM V-25’s Dual-Action Support Arm incorporates thirty-two precision radial bearings within its T6 aluminum structure. The placement and implementation of these double-shielded bearings produce minimal friction and allow both segments of the Support Arm to pivot and boom smoothly throughout their full range. Integrated Rubber Bumpers placed along the length of the arm reduce noise when the arm is placed in extreme positions. The Arm Post assembly has internal ball bearings that afford the Arm Post a high degree of low-friction rotation. This significantly enhances the arm’s ability to reduce the transmission of undesirable movements caused by the operator to the sled.

V-25 Arm Post Section

Glidecam V-25 Arm Post Section

V-25 Arm Elbow Hunge Section

Glidecam V-25 Arm Elbow Hinge Section

V-25 Arm-to-Vest Connector

Glidecam V-25 Arm-to-Vest Connector

V-25 Arm Adjustment

Glidecam V-25 Arm Adjustment Detail

Made in USA.


Buy with confidence. Glidecam Industries Inc. has been in business for 26 years and is famous in our industry for having the best in Customer Service.


World Class Camera Stabilizers