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David Kreitz

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From: David Kreitz
To: Glidecam Sales/Tech Dept
Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2001 12:49 PM
Subject: Attention David and everyone at GLIDECAM

Hey Everyone,

WOW.......Yeh it took me some time to research the whole 'camera stabilization' idea and since hear in Minnesota I could not find a dealer where I could demo a unit, my basic concern was "where does the actual magic take place" as far as what isolates the unwanted movement......and sure, looking at the 'top of the line models' for full size movie film cameras with the vest and arm and big gimble it's easy to assume that the 'BIG' systems would deliver.....the magic......but I am a D.V. guy with a 2 pound camera.......are the smaller systems going to work for me, I mean the pictures of the GC2000 & GC3000 just look like a fancy pogo stick, I was a little nervous that I might get stuck with a gimic......there was no way to test them.

.......well to my suprise and delight .... WOW...the GC2000 truly delivered the 'magic' shot I have been dreaming of. I am a very satisfied customer. Your tech guy "Dave" e-mailed me some enlightening info, one of your sales people took the time to really explain how the 'magic' works, and for my smaller camera the fancy 'arm' is only needed to help hold everything that the true stabilization comes from the GlideCam. I also received a demonstration video that assisted with understanding what to expect.

I've only had it a while, but so far my test shots have been spectacular.....I know this will help me stand out as a Video Artist, and make all future projects not just guessed it..........MAGIC !

Thank you GlideCam

David W. Kreitz
from Minnesota
and Happy Holidays! 

World Class Camera Stabilizers