Glidecam Masters: Glidecam announces new brand ambassador Aidan Tanner

Aidan is a director, producer, photographer, and Glidecam Operator based out of Los Angeles. His work consists of both short format and feature-length narrative films, music videos, and other branded content. Working with some of the best names in the business, he has produced content for clients such as Will Smith, Jessica Chastain, Star Wars, and many others. Aidan is always looking to utilize new techniques and push the boundaries of visual storytelling. His love for learning, collaborating, and surrounding himself with like-minded individuals has made him a master of his craft!

Aidan Tanner is a Glidecam Master!


Glidecam Masters: Glidecam announces new brand ambassador Ionut Turda

Ionut Turda (@i.turda) “The founder and driving force behind Around The World in 4K / 8K!  Since 2007 Ionut has traveled around the world (more than once) with his Glidecam by his side!Around the world 4k is a unique global project that showcases the world we live. Creating high quality visual journeys from over 70 countries and putting together one of a kind 4K, 6K and 8K footage, connecting people and cultures alike and inspiring creators around the world.”


Glidecam Masters: Glidecam announces new brand ambassador Austin Hein

Austin Hein (@austinhein)  is a New Jersey based Music Video & Commercial Cinematographer / Editor.   Austin has used his Glidecam in over 800 video productions!  He has mastered the tool and depending on the energy of the songs, he almost films the shots like he is playing an instrument; as if the camera was stuck to a violin bow, playing to the music so the feeling of the music is reflected in the camera movements. “It would be impossible to do the same moves as precisely with an electric gimbal”