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Steve Cox

Glidecam Industries
Camelot Industrial Park
130 Camelot Drive, Bldg. #4
Plymouth, MA 02360

April 16, 2004

Dear Glidecam,

I am an artist and musician who has been "backing into video production" for quite some time. Working from essentially a hobbyist's budget in the miniDV realm, I have to think long and hard before spending money on accessories and extras.

I was impressed by the concept of "floating my camera around" and thought that the Glidecam 2000 Pro would probably be perfect for my Sony TRV33, but would the difference be worth it to me in the final results?

I made the leap of faith and ordered the Glidecam and Body-Pod. When it arrived, I opened the box and began quite an adventure... The assembly instructions were easy to follow, but the concept of proper balancing took a little longer for me to understand. Once I found the magic combination of weight and length (a quick call to the friendly folks at Glidecam gave me some very valuable tips), the ultra-smooth results in my practice shots truly astounded me!

Here comes the best part... I took my little rig to a music store here in Memphis and the owner of the place showed me a new line of private label guitars they were coming out with. I glided around the area, shooting the guitars using only available light. He thought I was just making a home movie. I then took the footage home and produced my idea of a commercial for them, using audio from a radio ad they currently had out.

In short, happy ending... They bought the commercial as-is and I picked up a check that MUCH MORE than paid for the Glidecam/Body-Pod rig MY FIRST TIME OUT! Does it get any better than that?

I know for a fact that, without the Glidecam, I would still have made a great home movie in that store. But, by using the Glidecam, those same shots were instantly elevated to "usable for broadcast" quality.

In closing, I would advise any serious video hobbyist to consider Glidecam a necessary tool. Their results, with practice, will quite simply be magical.

Steve Cox 

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