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Glidecam vs. Brushless

By: Review from B&H website.

My first Glidecam purchase was the HD 4000 here on B&H 6 years ago. A great tool to have for any DSLR operator. I've been following Devin Graham for some time and knew he was testing a new prototype Glidecam. I purchased the Devin Graham Signature Series right after NAB. I was impressed with it right out of the box. It comes in a traveling case and all the needed slots for everything in the setup. Included in the case was a USB drive with a video by Devin giving a quick tutorial on how to balance the and operate the sled for those who don't know. The new quick release plate included also fits the Manfrotto heads. By far my favorite feature is the new adjustment knobs. The fact that you no longer have to loosen the 4 knobs just to adjust the level like you have to do on the HD 4000 is already a TREMENDOUS advantage. The weather tight gimbal is also a plus, knowing that it will hold up in the toughest conditions. We own a Movi in our studio, but I find myself coming back to the Glidecam time and time again for the sheer fact that it doesn't run on batteries. In the heat of the battle you need something that can take a beating and won't die on you during the most important shot of your career.

~ Battle Photography 

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