Austin Hein

Austin Hein (@austinhein)  is a New Jersey based Music Video & Commercial Cinematographer / Editor.   Austin has used his Glidecam in over 800 video productions!  He has mastered the tool and depending on the energy of the songs, he almost films the shots like he is playing an instrument; as if the camera was stuck to a violin bow, playing to the music so the feeling of the music is reflected in the camera movements. “It would be impossible to do the same moves as precisely with an electric gimbal”


One of his favorite Glidecam productions is with Artist: Ana Beatriz, performing: Ver Você – it has over 5 million views!   Mostly shot with his Glidecam:


“My whole style of filmmaking revolves around the Glidecam. It’s almost like saying how would things be different if I didn’t have a video camera. It’s that essential!”

Austin Hein

Austin Hein's Glidecam Videos

Model - Austin Percario [Official Music Video]
Common Wealth | Skin & Bones (Official Music Video)
Celeste Kellogg - Country Swagger (Official Music Video)

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