Josh Partridge

Josh Partridge (aka: @joshfilmmaker) has been perfecting his Glidecam operating skills for over 8 years. Working in all aspects of video/cinema production and mastering his Glidecam craft within the music industry. He has toured and worked with artists worldwide, from rock bands to pop artists and is currently capturing some amazing Glidecam content of Sir Elton John, as part of his final farewell tour. He has also created his own Glidecam character (credit Jacob Fell), which we use as his Glidecam Master Icon. Well done Josh!

“I’d be lost without this tool when shooting and have definitely gained more work over the years from having it in my kit bag. It has certainly been a selling point when clients have hired me, and I can’t see myself using anything else.”

-Josh Partridge

Josh Partridge

Josh Partridge's Glidecam Videos

Elton John - The Farewell Tour at Madison Square Garden
Elton John - Farewell Tour Highlights l Summer 2019
Busted - Shipwrecked In Atlantis (Official Video)
Danny Jones - Is This Still Love (Official Video)