Kidron Cannon

Kidron Cannon, based in Nashville, TN is a Full-Time Filmmaker.  Kidron has been mastering the Glidecam for nearly a decade and is a founding member of his traveling media team specializing in photography, wedding, web design, and telling stories!

Kidron Cannon; adventurer, risk-taker, believer and Glidecam Master

“Without my Glidecam, I would be lost. It’s what I rely on to create cinematic, energetic movement. It is my bread and butter. I am asked OFTEN why I don’t use electronic stabilizers, and I always tell people, “They just look fake (or bad).” With Glidecam, I get a much more organic, life-like feel, and I love it…and that’s why my work stands out. Glidecam. Period.”

-Kidron Cannon

Kidron Cannon

Kidron Cannon's Glidecam Videos

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