Marc Planzer

Marc Planzer (@planzerfilms)

Filmmaker Marc Planzer is a long-time Glidecam owner/operator.

As a creative producer/visionary filmmaker, his passion for helping companies grow their business with amazing video work has put him at the top of his craft. Planzer Films specializes in high-end videos featuring: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, Porsche, and much more. Marc’s ability to capture dynamic shots without sacrifice have allowed him to “push the envelope” and create super smooth shots that are highly energized with encouraging momentum, resulting in amazing client engagement!

Marc Planzer is a Glidecam Master!

Marc Planzer

Marc Planzer's Glidecam Videos

Bölchen Cars AG es geht grösser! X-mas edition
Nissan Onevia | DRIFT | 4K
Hüppi Motorsport Simracing | 4K
FIA Climb Hill Masters 2021 | 4K
Porsche GT3 RS | 4K
Come with me | ibiza | wedding
Aventador SVJ
Audi R8 | Vossen Evo2R | Roofbox | airlift
wedding Delia & Stefano Gigliotti | Hochzeit
Audi RS3 NightDrive

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