Zebulon Thomas

Zebulon Thomas is a self-taught elite videographer and entrepreneur from the East Coast. He films full time for his YouTube channel and is reserved for clients looking to take the market with engaging video ads that stand out. Zebulon Thomas switched careers from a life coach to a filmmaker back in 2012 with the help of YouTube sensation Devin Graham. Zebulon interviewed Devin on the radio when Devin was filming a project in Hawaii. After learning more about YouTube and branding through video, Zebulon was hooked.

In 2012 Zebulon launched his first YouTube channel and began filming everything from music videos, documentaries, commercials, infomercials and branded YouTube videos. He has developed his signature style by using the Glidecam and quickly became recognized in the cheer industry for his signature cheer videos, where he puts his Glidecam to the test in such a demanding and fast pace environment. “Without the Glidecam, I literally would not have even considered jumping into film making. It was the Glidecam and Devin’s insight that truly motivated me to take that leap into a new career and it has proven to be one of the most rewarding risks I ever took in business and in life. There is so much power in the Glidecam, you just have to know how to use it.” -Zebulon Thomas

Zebulon Thomas

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Zebulon Thomas - Glidecam Master

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