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  • Glidecam Centurion

    The technologically advanced Glidecam Centurion is the lightest and most compact 3-axis Motorized Gimbal available in its class today. The Glidecam Centurion is designed to work with the majority of video cameras and DSLR and mirrorless cameras weighing from 1 to 5 pounds (.45 to 2.26 kg.).

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  • Glidecam Tru-Horizon

    The Future is now. Take your moving shots to the next level with the Glidecam Tru-Horizon. Now you can move from low mode to high mode, and back again, in one single fluid shot while your camera automatically remains level and horizontal at all times.

    Load Weight: 1-5 lbs. (.45 to 2.26 kg.)

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  • Glidecam DSLR Low Mode

    The Glidecam DSLR Low Mode Mount allows you to configure your Glidecam HD-Series or XR-Series Hand-Held Stabilizers for Low Mode photography. This allows you to capture dynamic shots with the camera placed near to the ground. Designed for cameras weighing up to 5 lbs.   Glidecam DSLR Low Mode In Operation The Glidecam DSLR Low […]

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