GLIDECAM MASTERS: Glidecam Announces New Brand Ambassadors Dude Perfect.

Glidecam product users and loyalist for many years; Chad Terrell and Tim Holt are the Senior Production Editors for the American sports entertainment group Dude Perfect from Frisco, Texas.

Dude Perfect group consists of twins Cory and Coby Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney. They create upbeat, inspiring trick shots. The members of Dude Perfect hold many Guinness World Records.

Dude Perfect is approaching 9 Billion Total Views and 46 Million Subscribers on You-Tube. The channel is the 2nd most subscribed sports channel on YouTube and the 9th most subscribed channel overall.

Chad and Tim use their Glidecam on every Dude Perfect video!

Check them out on Youtube!

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